My journal is Opera-related and technical. It will cover the main obstacles we come across when we use Opera on the Web as it is – the standard violations, the browser incompatibilities, the sniffers and faulty scripts. That is the whole mess a poor browser has to make sense of and believe me, Opera is doing a brilliant job.


31 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Hi,This is the first time I join this type of chatting. It sounds interesting to write something to someone unknown. Just testingBM

  2. Well I'm having problem with the CSS sheet of Opera Blog. could you send me a complet sheet? I need to chage things on it but I don't have the original!thanks in advance;my e-mail: Saeed

  3. Hi, Hallvord! Could you do me (and probably others!) a favor please? I recently had to wipe my computer and start over. Luckily, though, I was able to get important stuff off of it first, like my opera bookmarks — which I saved in html format. Since they are all nicely categorized, I'd like to put them back in opera, but I need to convert from html to .adr. As I recall, you used to have a code that would do this — and even eliminate duplicates! — but now I find only the .adr2html page. Could you put up .html2adr again? Thanks much!A loyal Opera user, despite incompatibility issues,Colleen

  4. Hi Colleen,right now I don't remember what scripts I may have around somewhere.. Just a question before I go looking: have you tried using "File > Import and export > Import Netscape/Firefox bookmarks"? Netscape bookmarks were saved as HTML so if you're lucky it can also import the bookmarks in your exported html file. Tell me if that works.. 🙂

  5. Re importing html non-netscape bookmarks via the netscape import wizard: Bingo! Worked perfectly. And here I'd thought that the wizard would automatically go to my netscape program files instead of offering me a location choice — thank you so much, Hallvord. You completely rock!!!Now, instead of looking for unneeded scripts, you may have a smidgeon of time during which you can work on how we can export our opera notes (pretty please?)! It seems that after reaching a certain quantity … they hang the computer when you use them … kind of like a full FAT32 drive.Thank you again for the wonderful and easy bookmark fix :)Colleen

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