Manchester United ignoring the unknowns

Identify as Opera (this setting can be changed quickly from the menu that appears when you press [F12]) and go to <> , proceed to their main site. If you try using the menus you will see that they work but are empty.

<> shows us why (I replaced the main code bits with comments – this just shows the logic):

if(bw.ns){ /* old Netscape code */ }

if(bw.ns6){ /* new Netscape code */ }

if({ /* Internet Explorer code */ }

and.. that's right. Nothing for other browsers.

Webmasters everywhere: Ignoring the unknowns is a cardinal sin of browser detection. No matter how fancy your script is, there will always be some browser that is so customized or so rarely used that you will miss it.

It is very simple. Assume unknown browsers are W3C-standards-compatible and ensure you include an "else" block with your IF forking. That's all it takes.


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