Table-row me to the music's redesign has been criticised – and IMO with reason. Their coding is messy. End of story.

Opera has the following problem: after doing a search, if you hover an item in the list the whole page display goes somewhat messy.

It happens because the designers didn't know about the new display types introduced in CSS2. They use the following class in their CSS:

TR.highlight {

display: block;

cursor: pointer;


You can't set a TR to "block" (well, you can but then it will behave like a block, not be a table row anymore).

TR.highlight {

display: block;

display: table-row;

cursor: pointer;


would be cross-browser. Actually, I'm pretty sure just omitting "display" would work too, unless this is a row that is initially hidden with display:none. "Block" means a "block-level" element, and TR isn't meant to be one..


One thought on “Table-row me to the music

  1. I also had a look at AllMusic (because I would really like to get my favourite site working in my favourite browser) and came to the same conclusion as you did, but there's more that needs to be changed I think.

    The following line in the DoExpand function in the expansionTable.js also contributes to the problem: = 'inline';

    This sets the display of the table row to "inline" instead of the correct 'table-row'. I'm not entirely sure, but if you replace it by the following lines, it should work in Opera as well, shouldn't it? = 'inline'; = 'table-row';

    I contacted AMG about it, with clear explanation of the problem and how to solve the problems, but I haven't heard back from them yet.

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