Quixtar cripples site, want to remain ignorant

From time to time I have had bug reports or questions about the menus on <http://www.quixtar.com/>, and from time to time I have tried to contact the site.

Now, the problem is that the site sends Opera a special version of its pages, without the JavaScript that creates the nifty menu. If they could simply remove the "Opera" part from their server-side browser detection and just send us same version as IE gets, all would be fine.

When contacted about this issue (by a customer – they could never be bothered responding to my questions) they say that they don't support Opera so they can't do anything to fix the problem.

Ever so often, one encounters webmasters with this attitude: their sites have features deliberately removed if you happen to use the "wrong" browser, and they still manage to talk as if it is the browser's fault.

We are generally compatible with IE and Mozilla, but if we don't even get to see the same code it is impossible to display the same page…


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