Windows XP SP2 bug warns against!

Internet Explorer with XP SP2 installed doesn't like a visit to Up pops the new info bar, saying To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this file from showing active content that could access your computer. What's up? Is Opera trying to sneak itself into your computer?

This warning is entirely wrong. Firstly, of course there is no security problem on, just a simple JavaScript menu. Secondly, even though IE shows the warning it does not actually prevent the content it warns against from running! If it did, the menu would be broken but it works just fine.

The problem is that the menu author sets innerHTML of a newly created HTML element before adding it to a page. For some reason that makes IE issue a warning. All it takes me to avoid it is to reverse the order of the lines

dNode.innerHTML = html + "";

body.appendChild( dNode );

in the menu script and make it

body.appendChild( dNode );

dNode.innerHTML = html + "";

The new IE makes you feel safer by issuing plenty of gently worded warnings. Who would change away from a browser that constantly tells you it goes to great lengths to "help protect" your security?

I just hope that this IE actually will ignore malicious code and not just tell the user it is doing so..


One thought on “Windows XP SP2 bug warns against!

  1. To avoid triggering that warning the webmaster of swapped the two lines per my suggestion. IE is still broken, we've just worked around it 🙂

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