if today isn’t yesterday, reload now!

I need some input here. It is very clear to me why http://www.milanrecords.com/ is constantly reloading in Opera, it's because of the following statement:

if (window.history.current != window.history.previous)


which is literally telling the browser "if this page is not the same as the previous page you visited, then reload".

The big question is: why did someone write that? Is it meant as a sort of "back button disabler" script? What browser are they targetting anyway? Because Opera gets stuck in a loop, FireFox throws an exception and in IE6 both properties are undefined?? I won't understand the purpose of this code even if I think about it while today is different from yesterday..

2 thoughts on “if today isn’t yesterday, reload now!

  1. Some pages you visit places things in your pc without your knowledge.
    Post this in the forum you will get the most professional answer and fast 🙂

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