Work ups and downs

opera asa is a really self-confident company. So confident in fact that i am allowed to HELP the competition. It just happens sometimes that i think of something that might be exploitable, and write a test. So what do we do if such a test case demonstrates a security issue in moz or ie? "yeah, report it to them" is the response. Cool! Just have to remember to focus on finding problems in opera even though it may be simpler sometimes to find them elsewhere… 🙂

the least enjoyable part of my job is probably trying to convince certain companies they should fix something broken on a website. I have just been wrestling with aol support, while trying to help them fix a small and silly mistake. Actually i also tried to get information about how to contact the webmaster directly, so that i could pass on problem analysis without having to fight customer support firstline. No such luck. Aol seems impenetrable. If anyone has contact info feel free to share..


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