Standards compliance victim

Coming soon to a screen near you!

New software drama, Standards compliance victim, starring:

Question of the day is: why does the "news slideshow" on AOL's front page run ten times too fast in Opera?

Because FireFox's implementation of DOM2Events has serious shortcomings, as I've mentioned earlier. is the latest and most high-profile site that has run into this problem so far.

On AOL's main page the small "slideshow" runs much faster than it is supposed to, the "play/pause/next" buttons do not work, you get strange alerts about content not being available, and the whole page makes Opera use a lot of CPU resources. This is all because they use a capturing "load" event listener when they meant to use a non-capturing one.

It works in FireFox because it does not support capturing event listeners. It fails in Opera because we follow the spec.

I've written a couple of pages to show the difference. Try these in FireFox and Opera:

Since I have written the test cases, could someone do me a favour and make sure there is a Bugzilla report on the second issue? I know bug 235441 covers the former.


5 thoughts on “Standards compliance victim

  1. It does work for me with Firefox 1.0.7 mac but not your two demos, I only get an rectagle for the progresse bar.Great tools on your Homepage! Thanks! 🙂

  2. Hum, still Opera is not free of event problems. – removeEventlistener doesn't prevent the removed event listener from being called when the event is being processed (bug 220773). – Opera doesn't know what unload is (bug 220772) !

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