a sudden misstep while dancing with blogger

Imagine this: the browser and the website are like an ice skating couple. When they follow the choreography and are used to working together, the effect can be dazzling and we feel like we can watch or surf forever.

However, like any dancing couple knows: if you have performed together for a long time, you have grown accustomed to each other's peculiarities: weight, height, rhythms, accents, quirks. No new partner will ever be exactly the same, though they may be even better dancers on a simple technical level.

If you start dancing with a new partner, both may know the choreography perfectly but you'll never be prepared for how your partner was used to interact with the previous dancer. You will only discover through actually dancing together. An unexpected transfer of weight, and your skating partner hits the ice… That's why there are rehearsals.

A website needs to "partner" lots of different browsers. And browsers mostly discover through real-life site usage what odd quirks and habits the site has added to work around issues with the browsers is is used to working with. Like in dance, the oddities and habits are often the hardest things for a newcomer to adapt to.

Opera-users just hit a serious problem with blogger.com: the text of your post would disappear when submitted! It turned out to be one of these issues, an unexpected workaround against a problem with another browser hit a very obscure bug in Opera.

We fixed the bug for Opera 9, and the good people at Blogger kindly added a workaround for Opera to their JavaScript (you can now post again!).

Perhaps one day a new browser will come along and that particular code will be a stumbling block – a peculiar accent in the dance that made the choreography flow with that specific partner… That is the rhythm of site and browser development.


4 thoughts on “a sudden misstep while dancing with blogger

  1. Nice post… I like the metaphor. (It also explains why we like standards… maybe I'll write that one myself in more detail 🙂 )

  2. Opera 8.5 and Opera 9.0 Beta both are not conducive to Blogger. In 8.5 I could not even open the Blogger Compose editor. I was happy when I was able to open it up successfully in Opera 9.0 But then 3 problems immediately crop up1. As I type in the composer, the wrap up feature fails at times and the line just goes on and on. As a work-around, I copy my typed matter to notepad and re-paste into blogger. It gets neatly wrapped up.2. Not able to upload images.3. The post never gets created when I say "Publish" ( Gosh, the most serious bug )The ironic part was that I was writing a post highlighting the advantages of using Opera. I finally did manage to use Firefox and post the article on my blog. I would have loved if I could have accomplished the same thing on Opera. ( In fact I removed a line at the end of my post that said "This post was created using Opera"For the article http://india-it-pulse.blogspot.com/2006/05/opera-internet-browser-india-specific.html

  3. Hi vijayblogs,thanks for reporting this, I will investigate.Blogger's browser detection is patched in browser.js to make sure Opera – users get the rich text editor. If it doesn't work correctly blame me :p

  4. Thanks for that quick response. Opera still is my fav for all the innovative features that it has introduced into browsing.Cheer,Vijay

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