Sony Australia Milonic menu un-licensed

We've recently learnt that electronics giant Sony will do very nasty things to protect their copyrights – without worrying too much about the rights or security of their customers. In the process of developing their content-protection rootkit, they even managed to violate other people's copyrights.

Not quite in the same league as a rootkit, but for your geeky amusement I present these two links:

Random Milonic 3.5 menu script, credit intact

The menu script that runs menus on the Australian Sony website

Spot the similarity? Apart from the credits block, the wrapping and a few edits the files are identical.

So, the Sony Australia website uses pirated menu software, and they even replaced the original copyright notice with a falsified one.

Perhaps Milonic should add a hidden phone-home module to their menu for "content protection"?


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