works with Opera 9

After a few e-mails back and forth and some serious work on making sure the site and Opera would be dancing to the same rhythm, the team just announced that Opera 9 preview is added to their list of supported browsers.

Thank you, Microsoft!


15 thoughts on “ works with Opera 9

  1. Well this fits in with Microsofts new image building campaign. IE7 is now scheduled for release itneh first quarter of next year and IE7 second Beta preview is scheduled in the next couple of weeks (possibly).In the new IE7 there has been talk that the next generation of XHTML (which will be XHTML2) will be taken heavily into consideration in the IE7 build. This comes with Microsoft realising that with the advent of browsers such as Firefox they want something more compliant and that works well. By building their products that allow for the Opera 9 preview is a big step in the right direction.

  2. Yahooooooooo Microsoft! It was a fair step! Keep your way![EDIT] Any User JS crashes I swtiched off UserJS in opera6.ini for, and works fine!

  3. Among the things they did was to make sure Opera doesn't try to run the "compatibility layer" for Gecko, since that meant Opera would choke on Mozilla's ECMAScript extensions. So, the branches of the script that Opera runs are more ECMA-262 standard than the rest of the "compatibility layer".

  4. I have opera 9 preview running on ubuntu breezy OS. and doesn't work on it although it does work for Could it be because of me not running windows XP?

  5. They may be using some OS sniffing as part of their browser sniffing. Can you check that you ID as Opera and see if the problem is still there? If so, I will pass on this information and ask them to look into it.

  6. MudinyourEye, could you please provide more details on what exactly fails? What package are you using? Does it fail also when you start with a clean personaldir?

  7. i also tried opera 9 preview on my xp computer (the one i am currently using)–and for some reason neither or are loading on both my XP and ubuntu. Only the search box shows up.Here's Win XP statsVersion9.0 Build8031 PlatformWin32 SystemWindows XP JavaSun Java Runtime Environment version 1.5 XHTML+VoicePlug-in not loadedPlug-in pathC:Program FilesOperaProgramPluginsC:Program FilesMozilla FirefoxPluginsdo i have to change a certain setting or download a certain plugin?For ubuntu Opera install i ran the command "sudo dpkg -i opera-static_9.0-20051020.1-qt_en_i386.deb".. (intel-linux version)

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