Web 2.0: same sniff, new wrapping?

Eskobo uses the Microsoft Atlas framework. Atlas is pretty nifty actually, I especially appreciate it for being readable and un-obfuscated so it's simple for me to debug, unlike several other . unreadable . nightmares out there..

The problem at Eskobo is that you can not "minimize" the boxes with the little triangle on the left. Here's a screenshot demonstrating how I removed a single anti-Opera statement to enable that feature. Works like a charm once you disable their pointless "do not do this in Opera" crap. In this supposedly enlighted age of Web 2.0 and unobtrusive JavaScripts and AJAX enhancements.. Why do I still have to waste my time on ridiculous stuff like this? 😡

Get a clue, guys.

To try this at home: load Eskobo, view source, search for and remove

if(cart_browser_opera){return false;};

Save and/or re-load from cache (as in using the menu entry Tools > Advanced > Re-load from cache in 8.5 or the "Reload from cache" button in 9's editor).

5 thoughts on “Web 2.0: same sniff, new wrapping?

  1. I haven't seen such blatant anti-Opera antics in a long time. I usually see the "if-IE-do-the-right-thing-else-if-Firefox-do-the-right-thing-else-lift-middle-finger" sort of coding, where at least one can blame the virtue of laziness."function qxb(qzgx)" is unobfuscated? Oookaaay 😉

  2. well 🙂 That function isn't from the core Atlas libraries as far as I could tell. When commenting on readability I had those core libraries in mind.

  3. Hi,I read your comments on web based personalized desktops. I was wondering if you have visited Pageflakes (www.pageflakes.com) already? We are offering a similar service allowing you to read news feeds and setting up multiple pages that can be customized with local weather, address book, todo lists, event finders, TV guides and much more. Looking forward to hearing from you. Maybe you have some thoughts on what we can improve.Thanks and best regardsTegan

  4. funny you should mention that because i was reading pageflakes source code just a few days ago. the problem was rich text editing not enabled for "notes". says the code:

    // code that turns designMode on follows

    so pageflakes is just as bad at abusing browser sniffing.. I can't begin to understand whyyou don't simply use object detection!

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