Thanks to Daniel "Mr. Operawatch" Goldman for asking for an insider's perspective on website compatibility. It was fun to cough up a little essay..



4 thoughts on “Operawatched

  1. That's great… I went to read this article and right when I clicked the link, my computer crashed… I'm sure one thing had nothing to do with the other… ill try again.

  2. Hallvord, thanks again for writing the article. I've learned some new things about site compatibility from it.Btw, for the last couple days Slashdot had a link to this article in their Slashdot Bookmarks page.

  3. Thanks for your reply in the article's comments section, Hallvord. Can you tell whether the functional comparisons apply to the main/entry/home pages of those important sites only, or also to other pages?

  4. It goes a bit deeper than the home page. A long-term goal is to get people who are heavy users of that specific site to take care of testing. Yes Daniel, Slashdot is on the list so some slashdot user at Opera is looking after the compatibility 🙂

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