security through stupidity

I already blogged a piece of nonsense called "HTML protector", commercial software that pretends to "protect your HTML/JavaScript/CSS code from theft". Readers of this blog will know that this software is absolutely worthless at "protecting" any code, and seriously harmful to any site that is meant to be accessible or meant to show up in Google.

We've found a few more sites where this tool blocks Opera-users but I can't imagine any site that has content I would WANT to see being this clueless so I won't patch them or anything. However, while researching this I found evidence that this software is used by phishers. That makes a lot of sense when you think about it: phishing sites do not care about Google findability and they may even try to obscure themselves from security software.. So, this adds a touch of extra security for our users! Certain phishing sites actively detect Opera and automatically show a clean white page instead of their spoofed login forms. A case of security through stupidity!


2 thoughts on “security through stupidity

  1. Hi,i have change my name (nick / username) in my.opera space.Do u help me?I am brazilian and my english is very bad :(Change is: dj paulinho to djlucianomarques2this is available in my.operaThanks!!!

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