praising Firefox :)

To keep up the appearance of being somewhat fair and balanced after my recent anti-Firefox rant, here's some praise for Opera's favourite competitor 🙂

One of the Firefox features I like most is a tiny touch that I'm pretty sure none of you ever noticed: the default alternative text for image inputs. This test case shows what I'm talking about. Opera's default alt text is same as for a usual image, just saying [image] in brackets. Firefox says "Submit query". Lovely and thoughtful attention to detail went into that decision!

Somewhere in Opera's BTS there is a bug report by me saying "copy that feature!". It might not make it into the big lists of "features that browser x copied/borrowed/stole from browser y which had it FIRST" but we'll see.. 😉

5 thoughts on “praising Firefox :)

  1. That (other post) certainly started off as an anti-firefox rant, but ended up being a very enlightening conversation overall.I learned quite a bit there.

  2. On the same note, another "Copy that Firefox feature":In Firefox, image inputs behave kind of like buttons. For example, clicking on the image shows a dotted border that simulates pressing a button, and the whole image shows the pointer cursor when you hover over it. Image inputs even work that way outside of form elements, although they don't submit anything in that case of course.In Opera, hovering over the image only shows the pointer cursor if it's inside a form element. Outside a form element, the input is just an image and you get the default arrow cursor. Either way, Opera never shows a border to make it feel like a button.Firefox's way has a better feel to it.You can of course simulate Firefox with CSS and JS, but that's not as fun.

  3. Another thing.. in Gecko alt text in images wraps ! Thus making it readable when the size is specified and there's to much alt text to fit in one line.

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