no ballads in this Opera is a music information site that is respected and important in its niche(s) over here in Norway. The other day I noticed that apparently nothing happens when you click one of the links below the article summaries that are meant to take you to the complete articles.

This is a small example of the subtlety of some bugs.. Here's the conclusion of the analysis:

When a document.write creates a frameset with more than one frame inside the HEAD part of the document, and is followed by a NOSCRIPT block containing frameset markup, Opera includes the NOSCRIPT-marked code when building the frameset. This duplicates every frame off-screen and thus any link click will load something in an invisible frame instead of the one you are looking at.

Just needs some rhymes and a tune and we have a ballad right here..


2 thoughts on “no ballads in this Opera

  1. I couldn't post here yesterday because the blog seemed to be down, but why don't I see the problem you described on The article expands for me in 9.01/XP.

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