search inside their heads

One of the interesting things about working with Opera testing is seeing lots and lots of up-and-coming web sites and services. One of the most frustrating things about working here is that I usually only learn about those new sites and services that do not work with Opera :irked:

Now, just finished working out that mail isn't loading in Opera because we don't support "onreadystatechange" events on SCRIPT element (what is that, you may ask, and why can't they use onload which we do support?), I went over to have a look at Qunu which the grapevine promises is an Opera-friendly site. No bug report to investigate, just random testing to get over the Live frustrations.. and Qunu was perfect for that. A slick, sweet, good-looking web application that works absolutely beautifully in Opera. And it let's you search out a problem solver for live chat – you could nearly claim to be searching inside people's heads..

If I've seen one site recently that impressed me with both idea and execution it's Qunu. Check it out!

9 thoughts on “search inside their heads

  1. and I see that Qunu has way too few persons listed as experts for the Opera browser. And seeing that it is such a nice and helpful site – why not ask opera forum regulars to become members and have some wiz write a "help me with opera"-widget which basically is a frontend for qunu+Opera?EDIT: found on their FAQ-site: "Another idea [to earn money with Qunu] is to allow companies to run their own internal Qunu-based systems or us hosting it for them."

  2. @hallvordnice find on the site! Looks like it will be very helpful for me in the future, but on-to antoher interesting toic….about what's the status? What bugs are you trying to sort out and all? Also, about the Gmail Chat fixes, why do I see them in they error console even tho the gtalk chat isn't visible in gmail and I'm identifying as Opera? Should it be showing without id'ing as IE or FF? I see "disablechatbrowsercheck" but what is this supposed to be doing? Just curious. I know there is a userJS forum that I should prolly be asking these questions in but you're the one whose making these wondering javascript fixes so I figured I'd just ask you here. Thanks and keep up the great work! Always interested when I receive a new feed from here!

  3. hum…

      var el = e.element;
      if( typeof el.onreadystatechange == 'function' ){
  4. WildEnte: a widget would be great, yes :)kyleabaker: GMail chat should work without you having to change IDs or do anything. I've just re-tested GMail chat fix and it still does work for me. Gmail probably sends you a slightly different version. I will keep testing and try to fix it. Sorry about the issues..On there are several issues, right now the worst one probably is the mail interface not loading. I'm not quite done analysing it, but we will probably end up nagging them about fixing a few things and patching if they don't.and xErath: nice try. However I'm not sure if it will work because they use an onreadystatechange event that fires on the DOM SCRIPT element object *before* it is added to the document. Basically it looks like they are going out of their way to avoid adding the script to the document before it is loaded, perhaps to avoid loading- or progress-indicators in the browser UI. So they do document.createElement('script'), set onreadystatechange, set src, and when the event handler triggers and readyState is 'loaded', they use appendChild…

  5. @hallvordSo if we want to try to help out a little, we could edit the broswer.js file and just save it right? Then do we have to restart Opera? Does Opera just cache the file or will opera check the file each time a page is loaded?Thanks!

  6. I tried to fix the nav in the top left of (was, but i couldn't figure it out, haha. I guess I'll leave that stuff up to the professional, haha. Maybe I can contribute eventually tho.

  7. kyleabaker: if you edit browser.js it stops working but you can use it as a user javascript instead. Here's how:1) Copy browser.js to your user javascript folder. If you don't have user javascripts yet see for tips on creating a user javascript folder and setting up Opera to use it2) Go to opera:config#r%20j and set "Browser JavaScript" to 0 just because it is likely to confuse you to have both browser.js and the user script active. You probably also want to enable user javascript on https.3) Edit away.. Any improvements to existing patches are welcome! Also new ones if the site(s) are important!

  8. So they do document.createElement('script'), set onreadystatechange, set src, and when the event handler triggers and readyState is 'loaded', they use appendChild…

    ah ! :p It's easy still. Move created script elements to a collection, then AfterScript loop through collection, get contents of script, evaluate and fire the readystate stuff.

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