Saab says //TODO: Opera-compatibility

function getFlashMovieObject() {
	var errmsg = 'Sorry, your browser is missing the functionality for viewing this page...';
	if (isOPERA  ||  isMAC) {	//have to find out about this...
		return null;


Sorry Saab, your web developer is missing functionality for avoiding browser detection.

4 thoughts on “Saab says //TODO: Opera-compatibility

  1. lmao, niiice. You slipped one by them and there's nothing they can do, haha. You're like a ninja in the middle of the night, lol,…unstop-able.I still don't understand tho, why any company of this scale would want to block out possible customers. It seems to me that they are compromising the companies total income by turning away customer in this way and to be frank need to be fired, haha, or start programming fair. ;)Hallvord, you might be keeping them their job, haha, i mean if the CEO never sees that they are blocking possible customers he will never get upset, lol. Nah, they've been doing it for a while so if he doesn't know then he never will.

  2. I'm sure a small e-mail is enough with a snippet of code for it to use getElementById, is enough

    function getFlashMovieObject(){
      if( document.getElementById )
        return document.getElementById('flashContainer')
      else if( document.all )
        return document.all['flashContainer'];
      else if (document.flashContainer )
        return document.flashContainer
      else if( window.flashContainer )
        return window.flashContainer
      return null;

    I don't know German, so it's up to Opera to contact saab.Yes, I know the 2 last checks are useless, but the unexperienced developer might understand them better

  3. I think they are so afraid of breaking the site in an unknown browser that they prefer to shut it off for anything than the browsers they tested with. They want it working or not working at all, no middle ground. They feel that if their site is half-working in some browser, they would be blamed, but if the site refuses to work in an unsupported browser at all, they wouldn't because they didn't promise anything about those browsers in the first place. Here is where they go wrong because marking their content as text/html IS a promise, and they break it by ignoring web standards.Actually, web developers like these have a reason to worry because they often use nonstandard HTML and JS which happens to work in the browsers they test in. Often this happens without knowing what is standard and what isn't — they find it acceptable to use anything they find to work in the supported browsers. If it works, it's OK. So they have every chance that their sites will break in an unsupported browser.

  4. @feldgendlerI agree with you on their testing methods. I'm not even a web developer and I still test with as many browsers as possible for my small scale website. If you ask me, they are just lazy!

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