removing patches is fun

I just finished a largeish review of the browser.js patches and apparently we can now remove 14 out of 70-something fixes, where sites have changed and fixed their problems. Dan might be happy to learn that his failed attempts at getting to New York at least has made the US Visa site Opera-compatible!!

Well done to the Web Openers.


8 thoughts on “removing patches is fun

  1. Awesome! This could mean that there is plenty of room for gmail, yahoo mail and live mail patches. 😉 j/k, but congratulations to Opera for Opening the web just a but more! Maybe some of the removed patches are due to some emails I've sent in the past, haha.

  2. I will save my browser.js now. Just to see what sites become better or what bugs you guys squshed. :)Or you can provide full list here?.. 😉

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