HP.com no clue NOSCRIPT

HP.com's shopping section has a peculiar understanding of the semantics of the NOSCRIPT element. For each SCRIPT element on the page they include a NOSCRIPT describing in plain English what the SCRIPT element is meant to do. For example

<noscript>This script have functions for quick shop value search and letter to numbers </noscript>
<noscript>This script block populates the dynamic menu bar</noscript>

..so if your UA doesn't support JavaScript you get lots of really useful information about what you are missing. I guess they show this information to make JavaScript-hating visitors understand that they must populate the dynamic menu bar by hand.


4 thoughts on “HP.com no clue NOSCRIPT

  1. haha, good find. Have you contacted them about this yet? I guess they assume most people are using IE and don't even know how to disable javascript so they will probably never see it. But all they need is one simple error message telling them that the page requires js to function properly. Lol, they are actually making their documents larger than they need to be…with useless information about their features. Sometimes I wonder how these "Professional" web designers actually get a job. I mean, if they can get a job and code like that…then I should be able to be hire me straight into lead manager, lol. But seriously, some developers make no sense. <nonsense>here</nonsense> 😀

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