Opera big in future Oslo :)

eBoy has created a huge 20 x 6 meters picture of "future" Oslo ten years from now. It's a funny and amazingly detailed mishmash of famous Oslo landmarks.

The illustration was met with some protests and called racist, so eBoy is going to change it.

Arguably, adding a large Opera logo on one of the central buildings in future Oslo was celebrating the achievements of Opera's multi-cultural workforce and thus the opposite of racism 🙂 Very, very cool!


10 thoughts on “Opera big in future Oslo :)

  1. Why has it been called racist? It's difficult to see the details in the picture, but nothing jumps out that I can see.

  2. Because 5 of the 8 coloured people in the picture appear to be foreign prostitutes. The artists made an apology saying they had never been to Oslo…I guess it's what the media is focusing on though.. so not that strange if what they knew about the city was from English editions of online newspapers 😦

  3. thats actually kind of mean towards prostitutes now, I mean sure what they do might not be socially agreeable, but we can't shun them away as not being people.

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