can you help exercise the compatibility skeleton?

A while ago I called Windows Media Player a skeleton in the compatibility closet.

The problem is that WMP comes in two flavours, one all-singing, all-dancing ActiveX version which supports the latest and greates in JavaScript interaction, and one Netscape Plugin API version which has a somewhat more limited and definitely very different repertory of JavaScript commands. Of course most sites wanting to display WMP video and interact with it with JavaScript are written for the ActiveX version, and naturally browsers that do not support ActiveX run into a lot of broken pages because of this.

Now, here's an experimental compatibility layer for WMP ActiveX scripting, implementing some of the ActiveX version's API in User JS, and I would very much appreciate your help testing it:

Please install it as a User JS and go surfing for video sites (you need Java installed too for it to work). Please leave a comment on this post when you start using it, giving your WMP version. Also report in the comments any broken sites, as well as ones that are broken without the user script but works with it. (Ignore because there seems to be a lot more work to do to get that fish working.) Also be sure to report any stability issues.

A good place to test is here:,,11021-10043,00.html
Video should not work in a normal Opera but work if the User JS is active.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: note that the user script requires Opera 9.20 or greater.

18 thoughts on “can you help exercise the compatibility skeleton?

  1. Well, in my case, Opera just crashed without any message, when I entered the site with the user javascript in my userjs directory. Without the script the page just didn't display the video. I'm using Opera 9.20 on Windows XP.

  2. Windows XP & WMP 11 & Opera 9.20The Sun worked fine aside from the video resizing issue that WMP 11 introduced, which is wholly separate from the terrible lack of scripting support.Good work so far.

  3. Windows XP, Opera 9.20, WMP 10.Sun page doesn't do anything, with or without the script.Firefox works fine, apparently with the same plug-in.

  4. In TheSun's page of above, it doesn´t happen anything, doesn´t load any video (et. al. windows media plugin), only shows the video controls of the page, nothing more, in both cases: identifying as Opera or simulating to be Internet ExplorerI have Windows xp and windows media player 9 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  5. To those of you who do not see video on The Sun when the user JS is installed: could you PM me with the contents of your Error Console?- Go to "Tools > Advanced > Error console"- Click first line (well, if you've had a long session preferably the first line related to the Sun site)- Press shift and click last line. All content should be selected- Ctrl+C to copy- Paste in a PM to me

  6. For need thisfix-atlas-crap.js Then I get these errors and messages

    Unknown thread
    looking for objects, found 1
    Unknown thread
    patching NPDS.npDSJavaPeer@1cac6db
    Unknown thread
    plugin event on 
    Unknown thread
    Attaching script to 
    Unknown thread
    new value for mute, false, old: undefined
    Unknown thread
    new value for volume, 100, old: undefined
    Unknown thread
    new value for playstate, 6, old: undefined
    JavaScript -
    Timeout thread: delay 800 ms
    name: TypeError
    message: Statement on line 49: Type mismatch (usually a non-object value used where an object is required)
      Line 49 of User JS script 
        currentValue = compatMap[param][0]();
      At unknown location
        [statement source code not available]
  7. i tried it on my computer yesterday at home. But I don't have 9.2 there, just the beta. Opera found the plugin, and it correctly showed the MIME types supported on opera:plugins, but there was no picture, only sound. At home I have Win XP SP2 and WMP 11. It worked in Fx2, so I guess this is the reason why they call it the Firefox plug-in. They probably knew it didn't work in other Netscape Gecko plug-in compatible browsers. Or am I wrong, and someone else made it work?- ØØ –

  8. It's very nice!Some courses of my university record the lecture and the slides and use a system, where you can watch the slides online with the lecture.One example: consists of a mix of two Flash objects and one media player object… but it did not work correctly in Opera.With this user JS and some small adjustments I was able to view the lecture and the slides changed automatically during the lecture.But it is still not possible to jump to a specific slide, because changing of controls.currentPosition does not work.(Is there any setCurrentPosition function or something like that? Is there any good resource which specifies all functions for the Netscape type wmp Plugin?)My Adjustments to the User JS:I changedif( e.element.type&&e.element.type.toLowerCase()=='application/x-mplayer2' ) {toif( e.element.getAttribute && e.element.getAttribute("type") && e.element.getAttribute("type").toLowerCase()=='application/x-mplayer2' ) {Somehow it did not work without this change…Another change was to the page itself.It defines an Object with id Player and an embed with name Player but the JS only works with document.getElementById("Player").I gave the embed the id Player and the object the id PlayerIE.

  9. Luchio: that's pretty exciting, I hope that plugin will be developed and properly tested, and that it will work in Opera.I hope those who see crashing can give me their Java version too.Smir: I've uploaded a small update that includes your fixes and then some. The site seems to work fine now :)Big pond: sorry, I haven't gotten to the bottom of it yet (no pun intended.. :p). It looks like they use some script commands and playlists, if those features are absolutely necessary I doubt we can make it work. The script stops with an error on trying to access a frame that for some reason doesn't exist.And I'll investigate some ON10 fixes later, thanks xErath.

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