DOM brain

Since yesterday night I'm worried about how my job influences my English.

I took the old Nokia 3650 to the bathroom and checked E-mail while brushing my teeth (I was not working yesterday, but it is good to know at the end of the day that no urgent stuff is happening). Putting down the phone I happened to keep thinking in English: "it's been a nice day. I've seen a certain teenager beeing teenage-ish but nevermind. We don't have such problems yet. How sweet ours are. Oi, parents are proud always, aren't they? [Random selection of parents and children I know passed by]. Well, of course I'm proud of my two beautiful childNodes. Hey, WHAT DID I JUST THINK?"

Get that DOM-English out of my brain, someone.. :yikes:

6 thoughts on “DOM brain

  1. while(me.isReading()){ me.moveHeadUpDown(); me.agree();}that's what my mind was doing while i was reading your post.

  2. Doesn't that happen with anything you think about often? I know when in a crowded hallway I've sometimes wanted to set display:none on a few people.

  3. Our kid son is named Jeremy (he is almost 2 years old now and adopted from Taiwan) and now that we just started the procedure for a second adoption I keep talking about 'Jeremy version 2' 😛

  4. Originally posted by hallvors:

    Well, of course I'm proud of my two beautiful childNodes

    Hmm… I understand how parentNode.appendChild(…) works, but I wonder how you would do parentNode.insertBefore(…). :confused: :p

  5. hehe, too much DOM on the brain can cause problems. 😉 They may need to add a surgeon general warning from now on, lol. Nice blog!

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