internal whiteboard scribblings

Risking blatantly disregarding a certain paper known as an NDA, I'll give in to temptation and post some very internal information: snippets and morsels from whiteboards in my part of the labyrinthic Opera building!

So here you go, a secret glimpse of internal humour and despair..


or so it says at the top of a whiteboard, a WebApps office I think. Yes, that's a byte order mark (specifically the hexadecimal codes for the UTF-8 encoding of the BOM). And why not? Every whiteboard should have one! How can we deduct the endian order and encoding of the scribbled text without a BOM? Now, that goes a long way to explain why most whiteboards are so hard to read..

The world is not unfair – we suck

Oh, QA. How self-deprecating. Nobody refines negativity better than software testers 😥 . Software, thy name is imperfection.. The release blues, the worries, the regressions.. Well, actually I'm cheating here – that quote isn't there anymore. It was replaced with a lighter-hearted one, which is also very representative of the QA department:

You should be able to scroll to the bottom of this whiteboard and see the word passed written at the bottom.

Quite. And the test fails, so obviously QA's whiteboard is buggy.


One thought on “internal whiteboard scribblings

  1. In my opinion is anyone who works for opera awesome by default. This is easily represented by the fact how lighthearted jokes about sucking are scribbled on whiteboards 😉

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