5 wishes

I've been tagged. What goes around..

  1. A really, really good JavaScript debugger
  2. Slick automatic updates
  3. UI for UserJS installation and management. (Actually, I'd like to see UserJS morphing into extensions support 💡 by adding a few well selected APIs for creating/affecting UI and local files.)
  4. Windows MAPI support in M2 (so that you can E-mail photos straight from Picasa or documents from Word – so much simpler to explain to newbies..)
  5. M2 automation. M2 APIs for User JS.

Now the viral stuff.. hereby tagging

Andrew Gregory


5 thoughts on “5 wishes

  1. Nice list! I have automatic updates on my list as well, but I really like your number 1 and 3! I was headed some where similar to your ideas on number 3, except I was thinking about providing more power to widgets and allow them to interact with Opera. I think if we could do this, then we'd see all sorts of cool widgets come out. We could even see a javascript debugger widget.

  2. UI for Userscripts would be great! Especially when we get some functions like GM_setValue/getValue(maybe even an implemantation of GM_XMLhttpRequest? ^.^), so we don't longer need cookies to safe settings, since they can be deleted and overwritten by the site and also need a bunch of code to be used.For the Debugger, yeah that's hardly needed, the current "Tools" are just bad. I mean they can't even get out of the Browser Window, stuff like Firebug shows where to go here.

  3. Well, this is the best "Top 5 things I want in Opera" post I have seen :)I also do like the idea of morphing UserJS into extensions. API for accessing bookmarks, contacts, mail database, creating menus, etc. is all we need. Well maybe it could be speeded up by some kind of precompilation into bytecode. And inline assembler, er… 😉

  4. As I've not done my homework and tagged non-troppo even though his 5 wishes post was already written, I'll instead challenge my friend and old flatmate Martin Weiss, he doesn't use Opera so it will be interesting to see what he thinks we should do 🙂

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