Conditional identification

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That's a peculiar use of conditional comments!

So the server says "hi, I'm Vignette StoryServer – but *only* if you are IE5".

Yep, and I'm Hallvord, but only if your name is Wim.

7 thoughts on “Conditional identification

  1. Is this some attempt to force IE5 into quirks mode? I know that putting a comment before the DOCTYPE forces quirks in IE6, but I don't think that applies to 5. It'll probably try and render the text into the document too.

  2. KentWakely writes:

    Older versions of the Vignette CMS (like v 5.0), use that comment tag as part of it's cache management system (it uses the date and time stamp). In general, comment tags appearing before the DTD statement will throw IE6, IE7 and IE8 into quirks mode, messing up the way they render standards-compliant HTML.Adding the IE5 conditional statement to the comment causes IE6 and up to ignore the comment and to parse the document as per the DTD statement instead of in quirks mode.-kent

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