captured in India

Google Indic Transliteration does quite precisely nothing in Opera. The reason is that they try adding a capturing key event listener to a TEXTAREA:


from function _TR_addHandler in labs001.js.

If you've followed the past twists of the event capture drama, you might recall that since Mozilla decided to play chicken and re-write the spec according to their buggy implementation, we decided to be bug compatible. So why is the transliteration still broken? Seems like we aren't quite compatible after all?
Yup. Test case here.
Capturing key event listeners still don't fire on target. That's a bug in our bug compatibility, leaving us more standards compliant than intended.

So our bugs are buggy :whistle: . How do you spell "irony" in Hindi again?


6 thoughts on “captured in India

  1. Hmm, yeah, that bug did kinda stall a bit. Well, won't make it in for 1.9 now but maybe for 2.0? When the blocking-2.0 flag becomes available you should flip it.And yes, breaking code to meet bug-compatibility sucks…

  2. I really hate that Mozilla would rather be backwards compatible than standards compliant. It sounds more like something Microsoft would do than an open source project.

  3. I'd rather have David Storey nagging them than being this much bug compatible !How about having a small kb article explaining all known Opera standard deviations just to be compatible with the crippled web, ie and moz?And that bug will never be fixed.

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