dog food

Eating your own dog food is a great way to test software.

Except that the worst thing about "dogfooding" is the crap bug reports one files when there is no time to analyse because one is trying to get something else done.

This summer we were trying to book a DFDS Seaways trip. My wife complained about a server error near the end of the very long-winded booking process. Test. Reproduce. Re-test in another version. Reproduce. Re-test with HTTP traffic logging to try to investigate quickly. Give up. File half-baked bug report. Switch to IE for booking – I'VE SPENT HOURS JUST GET ME A TICKET – and see exactly the same 500 error at the same stage of booking, from a website that was obviously well and truly broken. What a vasted bug report..

Or the excuses:

"Yes, I will look up that bus schedule for you but I noticed that the menu on the bus company's web site didn't work". "Sorry that it took me so long to order the CD, I just had to check out a very strange JavaScript error message". "I'll stop using this computer right now, I just need to E-mail that travel agency about their outdated JS library".

So guys, I think each and every one of you is remarkable for actually eating our dog food by following the desktop team's blog, each weekly build being downloaded thousands of times and inspiring hundreds of comments and bug reports. Such fabulous and awesome supporters and dogfood eaters. 🙂


7 thoughts on “dog food

  1. ..last re-curring dogfood question: why is the new, Ajaxified much slower in Opera than in IE? And no, I don't have time to analyse it when I'm on my way to catch a train 😦 Filed as bug 289421..

  2. Maybe they want you to catch the bus instead? I have also notised that must be sniffing on their index page. If you mask as Firefox, you get the expected result. It didn't used to be like that.- ØØ –

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