Wow, Wii now has widgets! That's exciting news. I admit to being sceptical when Opera first spent time implementing widgets on desktop, but the amazing creativity over at widgets.opera.com has convinced me many times over that it was a great idea. Are we really shouting loudly enough how exciting it is to see widgets on the Wii? 🙂

FataL says digg it and so do I.


3 thoughts on “Wiidgets!

  1. Basically what "download" means is that you can click on the "Launch" Button and then it will load the widget as a new page… not that useful if you ask me :/Also, it seems that not all Widgets work with Wii. I tried to test Sim Aquarium, but couldn't find it, even by typing in the url from the page on my pc it just gave me an "Error 404".And I already thought I could have that Aquarium running 24/7 on my TV, until some new Games come out 😀

  2. God will protect u & your family, your father wil surely recover just believe it. I wil like to use this chance to say a big thank's to u & to all opera family. (bold2love@yahoo.com)

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