Y!Mail: getting somewhere

Short status update: They've been busy at Yahoo moving accounts from Yahoo Mail Beta to Yahoo Mail 1.0 – all but one of my usual test accounts have suddenly lost the "Beta" text from the icons. Today's weekly build isn't bad either, after a couple of weeks where Y!Mail seemed to hit every crash bug in the internal builds, it's finally stabilised and runs pretty smoothly.

On Monday (or possibly even earlier) a new browser.js will go public for 9.5, and it should resolve most of the issues that currently prevent Y!Mail from loading in the new weekly build. Sorry to keep you waiting but I was working later than my server admin colleague tonight..

This time, to get Y!Mail working I had to remove several patches. Since our shiny, improved getters and setters support enables the Y!Mail compatibility layers to do their job, patching should hardly be required anymore…

Actually, the current version of browser.js messes it all up and gets in the way – several of the errors you see if you try to load Y!Mail right now is from browser.js code where the old patches are incompatible with the new getters and setters stuff!

This is great news. Removing patches is good. And I've never seen Y!Mail work better with Opera than Y!Mail 1.0 and 9.5 9594 with the new browser.js – even chat works nicely! You Yahoo mail users should have something to look forward to 🙂


14 thoughts on “Y!Mail: getting somewhere

  1. Holy Moses! It works with the new Yahoo Mail now!! Faster and less resource usage than Firefox! Maybe it's almost time to make Opera my default browser again. Thanks Hallvord and the others who worked on getting 9.50.9594 working again with Yahoo Mail.

  2. I am still not happy. I can open Yahoo mail with Opera 9.24, but cannot send out anything. In either Linux (kubuntu 7.1) or Windows XP (sp2) I get some long error message from Java script when I try to send a message using Yahoo.This used to work in the past, and I am unsure whether the problem is due to Java, Yahoo or Opera.Any help will be appreciated.

  3. venik: sorry that it took me a few days to see this comment. Probably a Yahoo update because this certainly used to work. I'll investigate your problem on Monday and if I can reproduce I'll try to patch it for 9.24. If I can't find the problem I'll contact you with a My Opera PM.

  4. ..well, I was ill on Monday – Norwegian winter and trying to do too many things at once put me in bed – but I didn't forget about this and now there is a new browser.js on its way out. At some point tomorrow morning (Oslo time) it goes live and this problem should disappear. To help it go away faster try "help > Check for updates" – it might tell you no updates are available but it hopefully fetched a new browser.js anyway.

  5. Probably related bug. Add contacts link..pops up the proper window, however you can't add or cancel the pop up window. Also when you add RSS Feeds when the window pops up for the feeds the icon for Add is cut off 3/4 of way and presented on the line below.Also if you try to move the window it never releases the mouse pointer. It also scrolls the background of the email view up.. weird..

  6. Hey Hallvors, I submitted a bug which deals with the handling of Yahoo's java script it hasn't been addressed as of yet.See the link for more info. http://my.opera.com/community/forums/topic.dml?id=213371Venik.. sound like the browser.js hasn't been updated yet. I know that over the last few alpha releases there hasn't been a new browser.js file updated because I changed the browser.js name and it never repopulated it with a new one. (I don't know if the update feature was broken or not.Bobwonderful

  7. Another bug just appeared for me.When I click on the "empty" hotlink on the left hand menu next to either the spam or the trash icon, the window for empty the trash folder warning pops up but when you click on ok or cancel it does nothing and everything just is frozen. You have to close the tab and start all over.

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