they’ve made you safer

One night I checked work E-mail quickly on my mobile, and one of the numerous E-mails from the bug tracker caught my attention. It had a very specific and detailed – though brief – summary and claimed the bug was about a samedomain security policy violation. With mixed feelings of security concerns and curiosity I didn't go to bed but un-packed the laptop to have a look at the bug…

Now 9.24 arrived a couple of days ago. This is a recommended security upgrade which fixes two security issues, reported by Opera users. Both of them hang out on My Opera, so cheers to dbloom and burnout426 for having made us all safer! The results of their work and testing reach beyond those two simple fixes since a single security issue found makes us all investigate how it happened – QA wonders why things weren't tested from that angle – and thus a number of new test cases are written to try to ensure not only that those issues won't re-occur but also that related similar issues won't arise, and will be caught when they do.

So many thanks, guys! Good catch and your work is greatly appreciated. 😎


7 thoughts on “they’ve made you safer

  1. No problem. Your work is appreciated too :-)Opera has, by far, been the fastest and most responsive browser maker when it comes to vulnerability reports (and I've reported confirmed vunerabilities in 3 of the "big 4" browsers). After seeing the hard (fast) work of Hallvord and Opera's script team, I feel more secure using Opera after reporting this security problem than before!

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