what I take for granted..

It's easy to take things for granted. Only sometimes when I talk to new employees and externals I realise that some of the tings I'm used to at work might not be common.

As my profile says I work part-time. By choice. So while over at Google people enjoy their 20% work-on-your-own-pet-project time I have a generous 40% timeshare to spend on dancing, family, children, and various idealistic causes.

I work 1/3 from home. In other words, I come to the office about two days a week. And I generally come and leave when I want.

Also, most of the time nobody is telling me what to do (we have a manager but his attitude is that everyone in our team by definition is an expert who knows exactly what needs to be done at what point in time).

Usually, this flexibility is a nice thing to have (unless it's the sort of flexibility that is a eufemism for "job insecurity", that is). But sometimes it's more than that – sometimes it's essential.

Tomorrow my father will go through an operation for Parkinson's disease. It's becoming harder and harder to do the everyday things we take for granted with his shaking hands.

Though nothing in the known medical universe can reverse the illness we hope that the operation will reduce the symptoms…

I had a cold last week and only came to the office once, but I've asked if I can be away for the rest of this week and start of next – I'll work a bit remotely from my parents' home but mostly focus on being there. So I'm off to support my family if I can. It's a gift of time – sometimes the most precious substance in the universe – which reminds me again why I'm blessed to work here.

Any good wishes for my father's brain surgery are appreciated. We hope for the best.

14 thoughts on “what I take for granted..

  1. Sorry to hear this about your father… 😦 But i think everything will be ok. Your father is a good man, according to what kind of son he reared up. 🙂 So everything MUST BE OK! Hang on!

  2. I hope for the best for your father and I hope that you won't take anything for granted while spending time with him and the rest of your family! Don't worry about working too hard, but make sure you make the most out of your time with family! You'll all be in my thoughts!

  3. well first and formost truely hope your father recovers fast *I know the hospital can be like a jail* and as others will and have, I have a prayer for your family. First I must say google is an awesome company to work for… We were taught in business ethics about various places that are the best to work at and Google has a unique leniancy<Not best speller> I've never seen before, it has to be a motivational tool for you to know your employer beleives in you, trust you, cars for your needs, and respects you…. Rare to find a job like that I hope I do one day lol but you are blessed and in so many ways. Good place to focus your attention.

  4. Thanks, everyone. My father is tired and somewhat dizzy but he claims to notice a difference and have less shaky hands. It may take a while before the full effect of the operation sets in, but we are relieved the operation is over and hope for the best.

  5. I have no good wishes though good thoughts and with this post can most certianly send it with prayer to God… I hope that soon you will have positive reuslts

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