Site patching updates

There's a new browser.js on the servers (a ua.ini update too), and I'll give you a quick changelog..

  • Rewritten Likno AllWebMenus patch. The version detection is improved (so now it's impossible or much harder to shoot yourself in the menu with a variable).
  • This rewritten AllWebMenus patch also fixes the worst AWM problem: a certain outdated version will go into a neverending loop, making Opera use 100% CPU. Not anymore!
  • Dropped FoldOutMenu patching after re-testing all reported sites – all but one had changed

The coolest thing about these changes is removing the busiest and probably most CPU-demanding part of browser.js, an AfterScript event listener that ran for all SCRIPT elements everywhere. With that CPU drain out of the way I'm pretty sure there is scope for some more ambitious patching.. stay tuned 🙂

It's interesting how quickly the web changes, and to what extent giant-dynamic-menus have gone out of fashion. While testing the removed FoldOutMenu and updated AWM patches I went through maybe 40 bug reports dealing with those scripts. The vast majority of sites no longer used them. Some had gone Flashy, but many had traded them for a much simpler and clearer navigation structure and several sites actually used little or no JavaScript for important site functionality like navigation. I'm sure usability experts and SEO advisors will fight to take credit for this trend 😉

More changes..

Credit goes to fearphage for writing the patches and forum users for testing them – all my work done already 🙂

It's hard to believe though that bank sites – of all sites – create solutions that require a less secure browser than Opera. That's right, the problem was the banks' scripts violating Opera's security policy!!

The issue is that we allow no cross-domain communication at all on https unless domains match. So if tries to change the address of a frame from Opera stops that script. Turns out we're the only ones to do so, but we'd rather keep doing it and hope the other browsers will follow eventually. It keeps you safer ;).

I really should spend some more time here. Sorry to be such an irregular contributor there, only so many working hours in a day.. But now and then the forum brings up regulars – sites users have complained about and we have complained about for literally YEARS, and I look at it and go – yes, that's a very old annoyance – but we can patch it right now!

So TDWaterhouse, – what a PITA you've been during those years. Anyway, let's remember that a new year offers us the possibility for a new start, and it's time for reconciliation and working together towards creating good user experiences. We're excited to give users access to their savings and spendings and look forward to rendering so far unknown frontiers of your carefully developed web properties. In other words – gotcha! 😀


5 thoughts on “Site patching updates

  1. Thanks for the update! I submitted a few bug's for the Yahoo Mail. It's getting closer and I can actually use most of the features in Yahoo Mail again. The few issues are: No Keyboard input for the message list view frame. (can't scroll up or down, can't use shortcuts like d for delete or r for reply or a for reply all, f for forward, etc..Downlaod attachments is broken (popup window doesn't do anything)Thanks!

  2. The attachments issue is known and I expect a core fix (I think it is impossible to patch, I might be wrong but sice a core fix should be due very soon I'd rather not spend more time on it at this point 😉 sorry to leave you waiting).I'll investigate keyboard problems. Hopefully simple to figure out.

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