8 thoughts on “Microsoft listens

  1. not only did microsoft listen, but they also came out with this, i've been reading the whitepappers and doing everything short of installing this puppy(no time, to setup a test machine). But if it's all true…i do not know what to say about IE.

  2. Wow. It's beginning to look like some very serious and systematic effort is going into IE8! Really good news for everyone using web browsers on the Windows platform, particularly those who aren't technical enough to consider their options but use whatever came with the computer when they bought it.

  3. It's a good thing.As for IE8beta 1:Generated content, .contentDocument, data URIs, getAttribute("href") and .href now work right, printing-related css fixes, general DOM fixes, Selectors API, DOM storage, circular reference fixes. All good things.However, some quick notes:No event support improvement. No addEventListener. No event objects passed to the function. No event.target.Data URIs are limited. doesn't work for security purposes. Probably a good thing for IE :).Still can't append nodes to dynamic object elements.Still can't load many plugins with object without using classid. (But at least you can now append a dynamic object element to the document without have to set outerHTML = outerHTML on it.)No script type attribute support for application/javascript and application/ecmascript.The cross-document interaction between different IE modes is a little interesting. There's potential for a mess there, but fine if you're careful.No application/xhtml+xml support and no NS functions.So, I'm impressed, but IE needs a lot more work.IE (even 6) still prints web pages a million times better than every other browser though.

  4. also on Windows Live Hotmail the support team has told me thisHello Charlie,Thank you for writing to Windows Live Hotmail Technical Support. My name is Anna and I gather that you are unable to view the full version of your account when using Opera browser. I understand the importance of this matter to you. Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused you.Charlie, please be guided that the full version of Windows Live Hotmail only works if you access your account with the following specifications – A monitor with at least a 1024 x 768 screen resolution. – Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later or Firefox 1.5 or later.I know this is a lie 100% because I have gotten the full version by masking as FF but that no loner works I only had a few bugs when using the full version :ninja: I guess I will ask them till they fix it

  5. Wheretolink writes:Looks like this problem is still going on. Hard to believe, but it is. Wonder if this will prevent indexing if it is added to a new site.

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