it’s so nice to say … goodbye!

Let's keep this short and to the point: I have to leave Opera QA because of increasing allergy to IFRAMEs. My doctor says it's a new condition that is under-diagnosed in the web developer community, but a growing problem.

We all know that IFRAMEs have infected the web, at ever increasing speed since a certain announcement four years ago, and today I can hardly find a single bug to work on that won't give me allergic reactions.

So, goodbye. I plan to become a natural scientist to study spiders, just because I'm still sort of attached to that "Web" thing. Au revoir.


6 thoughts on “it’s so nice to say … goodbye!

  1. Bye *whipes tear from left eye*, but instead of becoming a natural scientist how about becomming an activist and finding some sponsor to build a place where all webdevs can go after a hard day of knocking out CSS/Javascript code which works in IE?

  2. Oh, my!… :eyes: That was my first thought!Than I saw Tamil's smile… Next I checked the date of this post…:lol:

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