Dragonfly arriving

Dragonfly blog has details and download links. dev.opera.com has technical details and tutorials.

Now, this is an alpha release. Some issues you may have to overlook gracefully include:

  • If you enable breaking on every script, the debugger will also break when Opera runs browser.js or user scripts – but no code will appear in the code pane! You will have to click "run" one or more times to get past your user scripts.
  • It only responds every second time you press [F10].. 😦
  • Live CSS editing is missing..
  • ..and so is HTTP logging and some other nice features that will arrive later.

That said, Dragonfly is already making itself useful in its present form. Have fun with it!


8 thoughts on “Dragonfly arriving

  1. I was afraid that opera would make Dragonfly a new window. I really wish i could somehow just put it into to a panel or something.I might try to hack it into a panel non the less :yes:

  2. I am OT and please dont get mad, but you really should buy a 2nd monitor shadow… Makes you work much better on everything. 😉

  3. (BTW please use Dragonfly with 9.5 beta 2 and not with the latest weekly snapshot – seem to be some regressions in that one that make Dragonfly misbehave somewhat..)

  4. Where will the next Dragonfly release be announced? I have signed so many Dragonfly related topics, I get a little bit confused. 😉

  5. That's a good question and I'm not even sure. Of course the debugging functionality in Opera's core will hopefully improve with the regular version updates, but the server-based Dragonfly app itself might be "upgraded" silently without announcements?

  6. Usually I'm not much into builds (nightly, weekly, every sunny day (great for Developers from Bergen I guess), etc.) but I want to help improving Dragonfly so I'll get those weeklies. :up:

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