User JS contest time!

Have any good ideas for User JavaScripts? Or is there some broken site that you would like to fix but never got around to? It's time to fire up the editors and get coding – the User JavaScript contest is open for entries!

(Hey, look at the gorgeous prize – wish I could take part myself, too bad I'm an insider :-p..).

Keep those user scripts coming and have fun 😀

6 thoughts on “User JS contest time!

  1. I would appreciate a user script to set selected websites to fit-to-width which really should be an option in Edit Site Preferences? Can this be done?

  2. I would appreciate a userjs to solve the most common mistakes from IE-driven pages such as banking sites and stuff. Because honestly, browserjs is great, but insufficient.

  3. maturefan: yes, some programming knowledge is required to participate. However, JavaScript is considered one of the easier languages to get started with and there are plenty of good resources and helpful tutorials on the Web.

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