Hotmail has class

Hotmail's choice of class attribute for its HTML element if you use Opera to access it just strikes me as very funny.. The output of a


command is:

That's right. In other words

<html class="Firefox FF_Win FF_M1 FF_D5 Opera">

Is that what you would call exquisite confusion? :confused:

Aside, I hope to have the basic Hotmail working again in Opera 9.2x before the end of the day. After all, what's an insulting class declaration to a browser from the proudly egalitarian Scandinavian peninsula? We're above class, for sure :p


6 thoughts on “Hotmail has class

  1. They probably enable browser-specific CSS workarounds. I.e. .someclass{ ..some rules.. }.Firefox .someclass{ .. fix a Firefox problem with "someclass" here .. }

  2. That is how I use the full version, Mask as FF :ninja: Took a bit of playing around before I got it to give me the full version plus being on a Mac…

  3. yo, when are you helping us with a fix for the shitty MS Hotmail UI? They called it an upgrade, but its really a zero-grade ! Help. Thx.

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