browser.js now slightly more user friendly

Just a small tip to those of you who kindly try to help others on the forums: if you're discussing issues that are fixed by browser.js you sometimes come across users who have the feature disabled or are stuck with older files for whatever reason. Now you can just point them to the official documentation page which contains new step-by-step instructions for how to enable browser.js if it's disabled and force a new update manually if it's outdated.

There is a link to the new instructions from the "browser.js is disabled" message, so it should be pretty obvious how to solve that particular problem.

Hope this makes it just a little bit easier for you to help other users. While I'm at it let me say that I'm very proud of all our helpful Opera users and the general supportiveness of the community when people have technical problems. I mention no nicks or names, because you helpers out there know who you are. Your participation on the My Opera fora is greatly appreciated! 😎

8 thoughts on “browser.js now slightly more user friendly

  1. Thank you kind sir. When I originally read the title, i assumed there were changes to browser.js info messages about changes.

  2. Nice user-friendly improvements! Big thanks! A neat and useful documentation is always king! :)By the way, Opera's browser.js has recently been acknowledged as being first of its kind and as an example by IE Program Manager Scott Dickens on the IEBlog.Such things don't happen often, so it is surely a thing to appreciate!

  3. I just don't get it, I did everything in the documentation (set ini option to 2 & update, to 1 & update, do all this stuff while restarting Opera, whatever), even a manual edit of the INI while Opera wasn't running, but whatever I try (v10.10 b1857 and all other v10 builds), it just doesn't download browser.js. And even if there is one, which I copied from someone else, it says on the documentation page (and I can confirm that) that Browser JS is NOT enabled…

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