Dragonfly articles

Two tutorials on using Opera Dragonfly (and other debuggers) by yours truly are out: debugging DOM issues on thinkvitamin.com and the brand new advanced JavaScript debugging on A List Apart. Hope you'll find them worth reading.


7 thoughts on “Dragonfly articles

  1. Robbert Broersma writes:I must say I was amazed to see that you didn't use Visual Studio Express as JavaScript debugger in Internet Explorer, when I read the ALA article. Among other advantages, it is the only debugger that has usable performance with JavaScript files larger than 1MB.

  2. Anonymous writes:

    yes, lack of visual studio is stunning. it is THE debugging tool for IE, and it is the best IDE environment out there. so why to ommit it?other than that, dragonfly is still barely usable..

  3. I have not worked with Visual Studio Express – I installed it a while ago but never got around to trying it out. Hence it was not covered in the article ;-)Regarding Dragonfly being "barely usable", remember it's still an alpha version… These days it's sometimes more reliable than Firebug for me on preserving breakpoints across re-loads – obviously YMMV – and it's still being developed.

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