missing @ping

I keep copying link targets from Google search and it seems they do more and more tracking of what links you actually click, meaning I get ugly links like this:


instead of the actual target URL. It's very annoying – and even more annoying is the fact that the ping attribute on A tags is postphoned beyond HTML5. If the proposed ping attribute was standardised and supported by browsers, Google could use that for its tracking metrics and I wouldn't have to remove all the junk 😦


10 thoughts on “missing @ping

  1. I confess I was greatly surprised when I learned the attribute was dropped. It always seemed to me like a feature with a clear, logical, demonstrable use case, with a realisable goal of greater safety and usability for visitors of a given Web site. Baffling, really.

  2. Ms2ger writes:a@ping is in a standard: . It is perfectly stable and waiting for implementation feedback. (It is not in the W3C HTML5 specification due to political shenanigans.) If Opera committed to implement it, I'm rather confident that Gecko would update its currently disabled implementation to match the specification as well. I'd say you're in the perfect place to move this forward!

  3. Braden writes:Yeah, that really bugs me. I wish they'd provide the true URL as the href and then override it with an onclick.

  4. Originally posted by xErath:

    @ping doesn't work if url is copy/pasted

    Well, I don't see any strong use case for tracking what URL targets I copy to paste elsewhere (in blog posts/E-mail/bug trackers/etc) so I don't care if Google can't track that, on the contrary.. :p

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