anti-semantic ARIA abuse – it just feels so wrong

I'm not going to name and shame anyone, but doesn't this stuff look downright stupid?

<span role="checkbox" dir="ltr" class="jfk-checkbox goog-inline-block jfk-checkbox-unchecked" tabindex="0" aria-checked="false"></span>

Web enthusiasts and developers spent years on pondering the semantics of HTML elements, and countless hours on writing software to express and interpret said semantics. A huge library of software for all sorts of platforms and end users embodies the conclusions, in absolutely every major programming language you've heard of.

And nowadays, if you just add some magic aria-foo properties you can stop caring about semantic code without even feeling bad about it?

Somebody will tell me that this is the sort of markup that has been used all along, but now more accessible thanks to aria-*. Give me a break! If a coder or authoring tool author knows enough coding to know about aria-role, s/he should certainly understand the value of semantic markup too!


1 thought on “anti-semantic ARIA abuse – it just feels so wrong

  1. That should clearly be used in conjunction with an actual checkbox. :faint: And I'm guessing that goog-inline-block is naming and shaming? 😛

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