Slashdot runs out of slashes

Q: What's this?

A: It's what Slashdot looks like in Opera 11.50.

Q: Why is it broken?

A: Apparently they ran out of forward slashes during the work on the last update? Here's their HTML:

<a class="btn link slashtvico" href=""><span>SlashTV<span></a>

The "SlashTV" link is supposed to be an icon and thus they use a quirky combination of styles to hide all the text inside it and display an image instead (this is a technique known as CSS image replacement).

Since they didn't close the tag properly, the pre-HTML5 parser thinks all remaining content on the page is inside the SPAN, and applies styling like text-indent: -999999px; to make all the text on the site disappear.

I wonder what their code will look like when they run out of dots too!


8 thoughts on “Slashdot runs out of slashes

  1. Hallvord this is off topic but do you know if there is a fix for how Opera handles certain links in Google+?It seems to break on handling relative URLs properly.

  2. It seems to be fixed now!

    nef ~$ wget -q -O -  | grep tvico
        <a class="btn link slashtvico" href=""><span>SlashTV</span></a>
  3. Originally posted by rafaelluik:

    type /. (then hit enter)

    Funny. I recently used that. I don't visit slashdot very often and had forgotten whether it was .org or .com. So, I just typed /. and pressed enter.

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